Ceramics I Love (Contemporary, Pt. II)

 Gertraud_Mohwald Magdalene_Odundo
 Viola_Frey  Gary_DiPasquale

From top left, First row: Bobby Silverman, Gertraud Möhwald, and Magdelene Odundo;  Second row: Hans Coper, Viola Frey, Sam Chung and Gary DiPasquale;  Third row: Andrea Gill, Jeanne Quinn, and Mary Barringer;  Last row: Jason Green and Alan Caiger-Smith.

Visit Part I here to see not only the first grouping but also what I mean by “love” (vs. influence).  I enjoy putting these love montages together and hope to do one every so often.  I welcome you to leave a list of your all-time favorite contemporary clay artists in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Ceramics I Love (Contemporary, Pt. II)

  1. Please bear with me, as I’m not so sure of the difference between contemporary and noncontemporary as I am a hobbyist who is still learning technique. So I’m just going to clump this together….Besides you, as your work is inspiring to me!

    I fell in love with this piece by Magdelene Odundo here at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

    Also came across this recently by Karen Swyler.

    I am enjoying your pendants I bought which is perfect for me, as my husband wonders where we are going to put all of my pottery that I bring home.

    Also am anxiously awaiting your DVD!

    • Good question, Kim. I view contemporary as being within the last 100 years or so, so kind of within the 20 and 21st century. They aren’t necessarily all living artists (some indeed have passed away), but are within my or my professor/mentors’ lifetime. In this post, a couple are even peers of mine. I also wanted to distinguish these postings from Historical ceramics because I’m doing separate posts for that category as well as favorite non-ceramic artists.
      Best, Kristen

  2. Mary Barringer was my first real love, then Hans Coper and Maren Kloppman. I had a brief fling with Jack Doherty and Gail Nichols (and hold them close to my heart). Now, I am enamored with Jeff Shapiro, Tim Rowan, and Peter Callas. Although I usually start the day with a cup of coffee in my Julia Galloway mug…

    • That’s a great love list, John. I’m a big Gail Nichols fan too and will have to include her in a next post and also like (and own a small) Tim Rowan. I like sharing my loves and hearing others’ because all of us have pretty diverse taste. You love the minimal and wood-fired, but then use a Galloway. Great!

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