This page is representative of the forms, surfaces, and colors of my recent work. Scroll down to see each collection category from Jars to Tableware, and farther down to see prior work. 

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C u p s   &   M u g s

Kristen Kieffer Stamped mugs grouping 2016Kristen Kieffer stamped mug grouping 2016Kristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cups Super StripesKristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cups, 'Arabesque mods'  Kristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cups, 'Dot Florals'Kristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cup Cutie  Kristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cups, 'Stripe Dot Florals'Kristen Kieffer Yunomi Colorized seriesKristen Kieffer yunomi Violet gloss and Navy  Kristen Kieffer Cherries yunomiKristen Kieffer Arabesque mod Tumbler grouping 2015

T a b l e w a r e

Kristen Kieffer Large plate Aqua w. slip-trail  Kristen Kieffer Large Plate Ocean w. slip-trail

J a r s

  Kristen Kieffer Small covered jar Kristen Kieffer small covered jar VioletKristen Kieffer small jar grouping

S c u l p t u r a l  V e s s e l s   &   V a s e   F o r m s

Kristen Kieffer Lattice vase w. steel wire

Kristen Kieffer Screen vase pair Cornflower blue Kristen Kieffer Screen vase pair Black and red

P o u r i n g  V e s s e l s

.Kieffer teapotKristen Kieffer Pitchers

S e r v i n g

Kristen Kieffer Cake standKristen Kieffer Compote Pedestal bowl Aqua navy Kristen Kieffer Compote Pedestal bowl Frost blues

W a l l   W o r k

Tangerine Frost tile I

W o r k   P r i o r   t o   2 0 1 4

   Kristen Kieffer Large Dinner plate in Spring green Victorian modern stripe  Kristen Kieffer Large plate Periwinkle floralKristen Kieffer Yunomi Victorian modern Aqua and NavyKristen Kieffer Cups 'Clover deluxe'Stamped bowls stack  Kristen Kieffer Batter bowlKristen Kieffer pierced Fruit basketsKristen Kieffer Pitcher grouping
Kristen Kieffer Flower vessel (Corset series) Frost Kristen Kieffer Teapot and saucerKristen Kieffer Stamped dot vase groupingKristen Kieffer pillow tiles, Pear, Cornflower blue and Frost
W o r k   P r i o r   t o   2 0 1 0


W o r k   P r i o r   t o   2 0 0 6 ,   S o d a – f i r e d 

Kristen Kieffer soda-fired teapotKristen Kieffer for the Yingee Collection

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