About Kristen:
Kristen Kieffer is a studio potter based outside of Worcester, MA and originally from Louisville, KY. She has been a full-time studio potter since 2003, workshop presenter since 2002, and instructor at the Worcester Center for Crafts since 2001.

Kristen received her Associates degree in Studio Arts majoring in Ceramics from Montgomery College in Rockville, MD (1993), BFA in Ceramics from Alfred University, Alfred, NY (1995), and MFA in Ceramics from Ohio University, Athens, OH (2001). She has also been in intern at the Henry Ford Museum’s Greenfield Village (MI), and an Artist-in-Residence at John Glick’s Plum Tree Pottery Studio (MI), the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts (TN), Guldagergård Museum of International Ceramic Art (Denmark), and the Worcester Center for Crafts (MA).

Her work is in numerous private and public collections including the Taipei County Yingee Ceramics Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, the Guldagergård Museum of International Ceramic Art in Skælskør, Denmark, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Fort Wayne, IN, and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in San Angelo, TX. (More detailed info about her career is on her résumé here.)

About the work:
Kristen makes pottery that brings elegance, sophistication, and merriment to the everyday. She has a diverse range of influences, and seeks to marry the splendor of past eras with a modern desire for beauty and utility.

Her influences for these Victorian modern/ mod porcelain vessels range from 18th century silver service pieces to couture clothing and from Art Nouveau illustrations to cake fondant. Such diversity combined with her own personality as a maker culminates into a unique style. Graceful forms, refined patterns, and lively colors convey a design that is robust as well as elegant and joyful.

Interviews & Articles:
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