Ceramics I Love (Contemporary, Pt. I)

ron_nagle cindy_kolodziejski scott_rench brad_schwieger micheal_lucero
kathy_butterly leopold_foulem maren_kloppmann
andrew_martin kathryn_finnerty michael_sherrill

From top left, First row: Ron Nagle, Cindy Kolodziejski, Scott Rench, Brad Schwieger and Michael Lucero. Second row: Kathy Butterly, Leopold Foulem and Maren Kloppmann. Last row: Andrew Martin, Kathryn Finnerty and Michael Sherrill. Not pictured: Adrian Saxe.

This could also be titled, “Ceramics I Want to Own”. This is a different category from the Influence series I add to periodically (click “Influences” in the right column under “Search Past Posts by Category”). When I teach workshops and sometimes via email, I am asked about my “favorite ceramic artists”. This grouping features some of my all time favs.

I don’t consider the work of the artists pictured above —and the next couple of groupings I hope to add in future posts— influences. It’s hard to define, but I differentiate between “favorites” and “influences”. The pictured works are vessels, wall pieces and sculptures I enjoy, appreciate and just plain love (like I want them in my house, love) by artists I respect. Sometimes we like things specifically because they are different from what we make (do, or wear).

When I teach workshops and speak to my students about influences, I try to explain my realization from years ago when I learned to buy work I appreciate rather than attempt working in a style that doesn’t suit my personality. I like “minimal”, but don’t make it, so I buy Maren’s. Of course there is overlap, but generally I buy (or covet) favorites; I research and absorb influences.

I am fortunate to own work by four of the eleven pictured by purchase, trade or gift.

More “Ceramic Loves” to come! They will appear here first, and then be collected under Search Past Posts in a new category I’m calling “Favorites”.

5 thoughts on “Ceramics I Love (Contemporary, Pt. I)

  1. Missing: Michael Kline?????

    just kidding. Got your card. Thank You!
    I love the Andrew Martin pot, I’ve loved his pots and of course drool over that “bleeding” slip. All of your images are really wonderful and I admire all of them. I didn’t know about Butterly,or Kolodziejski! My daughter loves the monkey pitcher, too.

  2. Wow, it’s amazing what some people can make out of a ball of clay! Thanks for sharing these, it’s a real eye opener into the world of ceramics.

  3. I would give my right arm for the Kathy Finnerty. Can we make wish lists? Santa, are you listening?

    Early Takeshi Yasuda, Heather Mae Erickson, and anything by Greyson Perry.

    Kristin, I already have a small one of yours.

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