‘Ornately elegant for everyday.’
Kieffer Ceramics is functional pottery designed & handmade in Massachusetts by studio potter Kristen Kieffer to bring Victorian mod joy into your daily life & home décor.


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Kristen makes pottery that brings elegance, sophistication, and –more importantly– joy to the everyday. She has a diverse range of influences, and seeks to marry the splendor of past eras with our modern desire for beauty and utility.

Kieffer Ceramics At Home
             Kristen Kieffer cupcake stand  Kristen Kieffer Ceramics floral yunomi  Kristen Kieffer stamped mug in Buttercup, photo by J. Sullivan  Kristen Kieffer Stamped mug in Aqua, photo by M. Tolosa  Kristen Kieffer Handled Vase in Aqua  Kristen Kieffer Ceramics Pierced fruit basket   Kristen Kieffer Ceramics compote pedetal bowl  Kristen Kieffer Deluxe Clover cup and Cake Stand