What are your stamps made of, how do you make them, and do you sell them?
I design and make all my porcelain stamps, including the Kieffer one I use to sign my work. I demonstrate how I do this and answer all questions about the technique & application on my video and at workshops, so that folks can make their own stamps with their own designs. I have no interest in selling my stamps and feel the patterns are unique and specific to my work. You can read more about how I form, decorate, glaze, and fire on my Process page.

Will you make…?
do usually take requests, but do not take on commissions (make objects or use colors outside of my current repertoire). If you see something in my online shop and would like it in a different color in my palette, in multiples, or have seen something not currently available that I’ve sold in the recent past, please do drop me an email so I can consider your request and explain the payment process. Please note, it can take from 1-3 months to complete depending on my schedule.

Where can I find more of your work?
I primarily sell work directly from my studio in my online shop. If you would like to purchase in person, I try to have two studio sales a year here in north central Massachusetts usually in mid-May and early November. I sometimes have work at galleries around the country for shows, and also participate in pottery invitationals. To find out dates and details of my studio sales and about future exhibitions in your area, please check my Upcoming page or sign up for my enewsletter. Currently I have work locally at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, MA.

I am a new customer, do you have prior customer feedback?
Yes. Please check out the wonderful comments by my past customers right here.

Can I post about your work on my website or blog?
Thank you for your interest and yes! Please drop me an email first, but feel free to share images and info with proper links back to my site and social media and provide appropriate credit and captions. And please spell my name correctly!

I’m writing a paper and have questions…
Thank you for your interest in my work. Because I am a full-time artist and receive many queries like this a year, it’s helpful for me if you spend time on my blog/website where you will find answers to many of your questions, including influences, schooling, processes, and more. After you’ve searched and perused around there (particularly my About page), if you still have questions you can drop me an email.

Will you donate your work to my fundraiser?
I receive a lot of requests to donate and given that my work is time intensive and how I make my living, can’t always participate. I am mostly donating to individuals in need these days, and causes that are near and dear to my heart or sponsored by people I know.

I want to take a workshop with you, but you’re not teaching where I’m located…
Thanks for your interest!  Basically, I go where I’m invited, so If there is a venue where you enjoy taking workshops, please pass along your interest and my website to them. That’s frequently how they come about! On my Workshops page, you can see where I’ll be next (top) and where I’ve been (bottom). Please sign up for my enewsletter to receive notice as new workshops are scheduled. My video is also an option. Hope to see you!

I need help with glazes…
It’s terribly hard to communicate about glazes and glaze issues via email, and I just don’t have time to provide assistance. I highly recommend talking with your instructor or professor, or if you work alone, visiting the Facebook page Ceramic Solutions where folks who have far more knowledge than I can offer their opinions. I mix all my own glazes and have spent a lot of time researching, testing bases, and developing colors that fit my clay and processes. Hopefully you’ll be able to find what works for you, which does require practice and testing.

Can I be your apprentice?
Thank you for your interest in working with me. While I feel strongly that an intern/ apprentice/ assistant situation is advantageous having done one myself, I’m unfortunately not able to take one on at this time. I do hope to do so at some point in the future though!