My New Studio Space!


My new studio is mostly complete (just needs a ceiling). Definitely ready for someone to get to work! Now I have heat and light after three years of cold and dark.  What you are seeing is a small (15 x 15′) addition to our basement, where I used to be.  A small move, but a BIG improvement!


(Special thanks to my darlin’ hubby for all his hard work to give me a warm work space.  Thank you, Sweetheart.)

14 thoughts on “My New Studio Space!

  1. Your studio looks wonderful, so clean and bright. I’ve just painted the floor in my studio, and it’s made such a difference for the amount of dust. So much easier to clean. I love all of your shelves and windows:).

    PS. I love your work and have since my art school days, I even tried to contact you a few times for an interview before…

    • Hi Shannon, Thanks for your note! Yes, a painted/finished floor makes a big difference, as does light and shelves! Sorry the interview didn’t seem to work out? I appreciate your note. Best wishes, Kristen

  2. Wow! nice clean organized … Is it always like that? My guess it is immaculate with few exceptions. Geez i remember taking your throwing class an you hardly get your hands dirty.
    That looks like a beautiful place to work. lots of light and space to move around. Have fun!
    PS I’m taking a class with Michael Kline this summer… I’ll let you know how it goes.


    • Ha! :) It looks immaculate because I hadn’t worked in it yet, but yeah, I do tend to be highly organized in my studio. (Puzzlingly, that does not seem to carry over into rest of the house…I won’t be posting pictures of my office space, for sure.) Thanks for your note, Otto! Kline’s workshop should be great fun! Best wishes, Kristen

  3. beautiful addition and looks like it will be a productive space, good luck, i’m envious of your class with michael… love his pots

  4. Hi Kristen,
    Your space looks awesome and I love the light you get! I love a clean and organized studio myself. Key to being organized for me is to have a place for everything. I find myself so productive when the studio is clean.
    You are going to have so much fun working in this space.
    Best wishes, Charan

  5. This is a mighty fine example of a well thought out studio! Nice! There are so many things I wish I had done when we began our studio. Now, it’s been so many years in the same space with so much stacked pell mell on itself, it is almost impossible to imagine a new ideal space. We’re already looking at a five-year plan… in hopes that we can expand our space and make things more to our liking! Thanks for setting such an awesome example.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful note, Alex! Obviously, the inconveniences and less-than-ideals are not pictured. The things that prove to be the most important for me are ware shelving (a’la OU, each of those shelves can be removed and carried to the kilns, or taken out to make room for taller work), higher work surfaces (for back and neck health) and as much as possible on wheels (for space flexibility). Setting up a space is tricky business. We all work differently too, so have different needs. It’s fun and exciting though!

  6. Wow…that space is so “dreamy”! So bright and clean…(my dream). I hope you have many great days of creating wonderful things in that space.
    I can’t wait to post some photo’s like that some day.


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