Suede Soft

kk_dartsuede (swād) n. 1. Leather with a soft napped surface. 2. Fabric made to resemble suede. —adj. 1. The state of clay for a slab or thrown vessel soon after “wet,” when the surface is no longer sticky, but still very flexible. 2. A stage of formed clay closer to wet than leather-hard. 3. Quite earlier than “early leather”. 4. The only stage at which I stamp, alter, and dart. [Eng. Kieffer 2003]

8 thoughts on “Suede Soft

  1. that’s the problem, this “state of suede” had never been officially defined before… thanks. i can imagine that getting it at the right stage of wet/dry-ness makes all the difference in the world.

  2. It has been a great phrase and description for me to use in teaching for the last several years, so I thought I should share it with a broader audience that would equally appreciate it!

  3. So that’s what it’s called! Thanks. Have you contacted the Hamer’s to be included in the next revision of “the Potter’s Dictionary”?
    Super! Is suede a proprietary entity?

  4. Just wanted to let you know I used your term “suede” in an article I am writing for Pottery Making Illustrated, and attributed you as the source – hopefully it will make the editorial cut cause it is such a great term. Thanks!

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