Wall Candy

Every other year or so, I make a small series of wall forms, each more elaborate than the last. At almost 3″ deep, they’re too dimensional to be called a tile, and too soft-looking to be called a box; so “pillow” seems the most suitable term for this round, as they are plumper and poofier than ever before. I really like making these forms. I mean, I really like making these…A LOT. They are my opportunity to explore layered pattern over volume without having to balance function. (Though I make sure they hang easily, and their purpose is adding beauty, so they ‘function’ perfectly!)

I think of these pieces as being collage because I’m assembling disparate pattern as well as layering four different ceramic decoration techniques (slip-sponge, underglaze, slip-trail, and mishima). But I also think of them as little paintings because I’m applying color and texture to a surface; the deco and the canvas are just both ceramic. So, ‘ceramic collage pillow paintings’ ~ perfect for adding a lovely focal point to your home décor, solo or grouped. Or just call them ‘wall candy,’ that suits me and my influences just fine.

This is just the beginning of what’s new for 2013 from my studio, some of which are already available in my online shop. These rich layers have also made their way onto some of my yunomis and large plates, all also debuting exclusively in my Etsy shop in the New Year. More posts on form and deco newness coming up with a few teasing glimpses on my Facebook page in the album New Work 2013.

10 thoughts on “Wall Candy

  1. Kristen,

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog posts. I love that you are so consistent with your posts–it is inspiring to keep busy in my own studio. I can only hope to one day have such an amazing body of work like yours! I just love seeing what’s new! Thank you for keeping all of your followers updated!! Keep them coming!! I’m excited to see what else comes in the new year!!

    Thanks again, Lynsi

  2. Kristen, Thank you for this lovely work. I just got your DVD and am excited to try some new types of surface decoration. I want to try some wall tiles. Do you have any tips for building a way to hang them into the back of the tile? I don’t want to have to use those metal hangars. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your work.

    Christine Oster

  3. Your work is so beautiful. I love these wall pillow hangings. You are very talented woman and an inspiration to all of us potters.
    Happy New Year!

  4. I love this new work of yours. It is so fresh and vibrant. Wish I could have done it. I taught ceramics for 34 years at a University in Mobile. I am interested in an online program in Architecture at the Art Academy University of San Francisco and I am excited about the possibility of attending. I would be there now except the money….ahhhhh, the money.
    Wish I had some of it.
    Say, how do you get this snow effect coming down over the page as you look at it?. A very subtle touch….I like.

  5. Kristen, Just installed my new pillow-y beaut, love it! It looks fantastic! You will be happy to know it sits very near a terrific wall sculpture by Lauren Mayer — good neighbors! Looking forward to see how these continue to develop!


  6. Thank you, Michael! So glad my/your tile is happily installed in good company. I was with Lauren at Watershed a few years ago, great work!

    The pillow tiles have a slot in the back for easy hanging with one screw.

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