The Year of the Stripe


I titled this post before remembering that 2010 is actually the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac.  A fitting animal for my very striped year!  The stripes and polka dots of layered color are another way for me to visually pop the pattern and draw the viewer’s eye around a form.  Plus, I’m having fun deriving influence from here.  In the last 10 years, my work has evolved from just ornate to (I hope) elegant, and now I’m entering my…joyful?…playful?…perky?…stage!


Most of these are —or soon will be!— listed in my Online Store for the holidays.








8 thoughts on “The Year of the Stripe

  1. These really DO look playful! I am so excited for you. It looks like you are having a lot of fun making these. Elegant AND playful!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thought process on decorating…. it helps me think about my own work and what influences me and how I can layer imagery to make the decor more sophisticated. I really like the layers you are adding to add visual ‘pop’ and keep the decor interesting.

  3. Thanks, guys! Yeah, I don’t think one has replaced another, just focused…so maybe now “Playfully, elegantly ornate” or “Ornately, playfully elegant”. Hehe! The fun is the important part. :-)

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