Postcard Retrospective

Small covered jars*, 2008
Stamped cups, 2007
Wire flower brick*, 2005
Flower boat (Corset series), 2003
KK_postcard_ 2001
Lady vase, 2002
Tea set, Flower basket and Pourer with Saucer, 2001

I have had a “publicity” postcard made every year or two since 2001.  (There are two other postcards from ’95 and ’98 I’ll have to dig up for another—more humorous—post.)  The two most recent cards, with the jars and cups, are cone 7 electric; the others are cone 10 soda reduction.  The image directly above is my MFA graduation show card from Ohio University.  Six postcards of work from four different studios.  It’s interesting to see how things have changed, most notably after my thesis card, going from what I see as just “ornate” to more “elegant”.  Aside from additional layering, the surfaces haven’t changed a lot, but the lines that define the forms have.  They are more crisp and where I see the elegance happening.  I was the photographer for all of these too, baring witness to the transition from film to digital.

*If you would like a postcard, I would like for you to have one.  My most current 2008 Covered jar postcard and the 2005 Flower Brick postcard are still available.  (The former because it’s still new and the latter because a printing error left me with 2500!)  Simply drop me an email with “Postcard” in the subject line, your mailing address in the body, and specify which card: 2008, 2005 or both.  I would love for you to have a pot, but this is a nice precursor, and something you can actually hold in the meantime.

onelovelyblogawardThank you to Charan Sachar of the great Creative with Clay blog for presenting me with one of his Lovely Blog Awards.  I appreciate the friendly acknowledgment!

5 thoughts on “Postcard Retrospective

  1. This is a great idea. We have been making postcards almost every year since grad school as well. This transition from film/transparency to digital has been very interesting. I feel like I am only now starting to achieve the lighting and color response that I was striving for at Utah State. When I look back at some of those early cards, it is amazing to see what worked and what has evolved.

    Also wanted to let you know I love your new website/blog layout. Very cool. I think this is definitely the future… an ongoing evolving website that is not static.

    Good luck

  2. Nice to see the progression. To my eye you seem to have the same style but I see the refinement and cleaner and more flowiing lines, beautiful work.

  3. love the piece flower boat from 2003… you’ve definitely got the photography thing down pat. it’s great to see the progression of work too.

  4. Thanks for your responses. The aesthetic of images has changed over time (going from darker to lighter backgrounds) as well as the language and logistics of shooting and printing (35mm to dpi and RBG to CMYK, for example). I like shooting my own work because I know the most “photogenic” angles and can translate some of my aesthetic ideas into the image.

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