Color Me ColorFULL


This is a pictorial of my recent color ruminations as I seek (out of both need and desire) to re-vamp my glaze palette. Pictured: chartreuse, lime and celery to cerulean, robin’s egg and turquoise to red maple, raspberry and garnet to plum, aubergine and grape to persimmon, tangerine and mango to white. Big color fun! Finding, testing and perfecting glaze colors is not nearly so simple, but having the beginnings of ideas for color is sure a good start. More to unfold in the next year…

See a more extensive past blog post about my current glaze color palette here.

4 thoughts on “Color Me ColorFULL

  1. I love your color blog! Very inspiring. I have some new pieces that are working with some similar colors.

    I also watched the clip of you surface design video and thought it was wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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