Influences: A Pictorial

Oribe ware George Nelson bubble lamps Martin Johnson Heade
Bombe highboy Vintage playing cards Mucha Job Tord Boontje
W.Thiebaud Cakes Fruit crate ad 
Haute couture KleinReid birdcages Vintage wallpaper Louis Majorelle Botanical drawing

From top left: Oribe/Mino ware, George Nelson bubble lamps, Martin Johnson Heade paintings; (2nd row) bombé chests, imagery from vintage playing cards, Alphonse Mucha illustrations, Tord Boontje design, architecture and Victorian homes; (3rd row) Wayne Thiebaud pastry paintings, early 1900s fruit crate labels, Islamic brass forms and patterns; (4th row) haute couture, KleinReid design, vintage wallpaper patterns and textures, art nouveau design, lines and patterns –like Louis Marjorelle, and botanical drawings.

4 thoughts on “Influences: A Pictorial

  1. This was really nice to see. I feel so myopic, with my old crocks and pottery books littering the studio. I really need to diversify! I would love to hear you talk about these. My wife is a big fan of Roller Wilson, and we both loved the Martin Heade painting.

  2. Thanks, Michael! In my mind, I kind of saw this post as the table of contents for future posts where I can expand on more images within each theme, and the elements I’m attracted to within them. So, to come: a post on furniture, art cakes, design, ads, and maybe even pottery! Best wishes, Kristen

  3. I really enjoyed the last two posts. I see all those things in your work and appreciate you talking about how all these things come together. My favorite part of listening to someone at the workshop is why they do what they do! It is amazeing how we all tend to lump a number of things together and come up with one idea. That is the great thing about the creative mind!
    PS. Cake and CUPCAKE are two of the best words in my book…cookie is pretty good as well.

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