New Hues for You

After a year of testing, I’ve settled on six new glaze colors, and have begun to debut the first of the three for 2012: Aqua, Pear* and Periwinkle. The new colors compliment and contrast with my current palette (mostly by being more vibrant). The image below shows three of my current palette (Honeycomb, Cornflower blue and Frost) nested in the three new colors (Pear, Periwinkle and Aqua). A new, light green is coming up soon!

* Name pondering for Pear/Yellow Pear is happening on my FB page here.

Dessert Plate Sets at AKAR


Check into AKAR right here to see a wonderful online show of dessert plates, which include my own stripe-y yummies! Each of the 22 artists invited from all over the country sent two sets of four plates, one set of two and two singles. Sets are a rarity for me (more design planning involved plus extras required), but I had fun playing with the details to define and distinguish each. All but one of my plates sent are pictured above with different views below. The Dessert Plate, online exhibition at AKAR Design, 7/22-8/12.

One of my dessert plates is pictured in the lower right corner of the show card.


Props for Pots


I’m going for both meanings of props in my title: “things used in creating or enhancing a desired effect” and “proper respect” (slang).

The idea of using props to spice up my pics, as well as to suggest my pots’ elegant use and beauty in your home is one I have both toyed with and ignored for years. As a former lover of the folded magazines Metropolitan Home and I.D., and current adorer of the hugely popular online design blogs Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy, I am first in line for expecting (even salivating over) lush interiors with perfectly placed, unusual items in gorgeous environments. The idea of staging my own work, even in the simplest of ways, however, seemed impossibly time prohibitive.

Photography has changed a lot in the last few years, not only leaving the idea of a “photograph” in the dust, but also the simplicity of the single object on a grey background in the wake of staged objects in homey yet tailored settings. Retailers placing goods we want alluringly in environments we love is hardly new, but as we’ve all shifted to online reading and shopping, it’s what we expect, even for handmade.

The influence of Etsy’s marketplace, where I have an online shop and where beautifully styled images of equally beautiful objects is the norm, also made me take notice of staging. So, the time manager and photographer in me decided to let the designer and marketing director in me finally play for once. (As a lone studio potter, I wear all the hats around here.) It did take more time, but was also fun, and it allowed me to shop for props (felt pom pom flowers, soap cupcakes, and wooden flowers, all by fellow Etsy artists in this case), as well as use objects from around our home that are influences for my work like all my books. Even my own work became props for other pots.

It’s just a start, even if it’s baby steps; I’m pleased with the results. Someday when we’ve finished ongoing home renovations, I may do some in-room staging. For now, the time manager continues to breath down my neck (not to mention the potter who would like to get into the studio!). So simple staging is where it’s at for me: bits of playful added to the elegant, modern merriment to the Victorian.
Props to my pots!

You can shop for these *propped pots* at my
Etsy shop here and my Gallery store here.



The coconut confection, festive pics and kind words by fellow artist Janice Jakielski in her current blog post here could not be more timely! I began my last glaze-fire for 2010 on New Year’s Eve, which consequently became my first glaze-fire for 2011. The kiln-load of 62 consisted solely of cups and cake stands (and one ring-holder, but that’s a different story). I met Janice when I was the guest artist at Ayumi Horie‘s studio sale in October, and was thrilled when she had to have one of the first in my series of striped cake stands.  As I am about to shoot pics of the 12 newly unloaded *New Year* cake and cupcake stands (sans such a spectacular topper!), Janice’s post is the perfect teaser. A big thank you to her, and make sure to check out Janice’s beautiful and thoughtful work when you visit her site. Stay tuned for stands to come!

PS: Pics of you enjoying your Kieffer pots are always a welcome treat!

The Year of the Stripe


I titled this post before remembering that 2010 is actually the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac.  A fitting animal for my very striped year!  The stripes and polka dots of layered color are another way for me to visually pop the pattern and draw the viewer’s eye around a form.  Plus, I’m having fun deriving influence from here.  In the last 10 years, my work has evolved from just ornate to (I hope) elegant, and now I’m entering my…joyful?…playful?…perky?…stage!


Most of these are —or soon will be!— listed in my Online Store for the holidays.