Green to Bisque to Glaze

Ready to glazeThese images (shot Saturday) are a glimpse of my last steps in finishing some work, and specifically for my Studio Sale this weekend.

The first image shows how I set out bisqueware (pieces fired once already to a lower temperature) when I am ready to glaze. Each piece is sorted by the color it will be glazed. (I actually just unloaded this group from the glaze kiln this morning.)

Ready to bisqueThe second image shows work that is drying and waiting to be loaded into a bisque firing. (So I was glazing and bisquing simultaneously.) The bowls are a different color because they weren’t dry like the others. Some pieces are upside-down to aid in their drying faster and evenly. (This work was glazed yesterday and loaded into the kiln this evening, except for –very unfortunately– the screen vases. I just couldn’t fit everything!)
Backyard drying
I decided the bowls weren’t drying fast enough, and Saturday was so beautiful, I walked them out from my studio to our backyard to dry in the sun.

Kieffer L & L kilns Have I mentioned how much I love my L & L kilns and firing cone six (seven, really) electric?!


I have only had three Studio Sales prior, and while they have not been overrun with customers, they have been successful and very enjoyable. A completely different experience –for all– from a retail show. I enjoy having folks over to visit our home, and to see where I work everyday. I’m looking forward to this weekend, and hope to see you. Please contact me if you need times and directions.