Fresh Pots!


I’ve loaded up my online shop with a bounty of new work that’s fresh and colorful. Orders coming in by tomorrow (Tues, 5/9) at 3 PM can ship in time for Mother’s Day. As always, I’ve been working on new forms and playing with new decoration (like the tall-footed bud vases and stamped mugs, which nicely mash-up my love of both Art Deco and mod). Every piece is one-of-a-kind and made solely with my two little hands. Thank you as always for supporting elegant and handmade from my studio. You can head over to peruse and shop right here.


Shop New Work Online, Dec 1 at 1

Kristen Kieffer Super Stripe Deluxe Clover Cups in Frost & Aqua  Kristen Kieffer Covered jar with pink
I’ve been sprinkling new pots into my online shop all November (like the cups and jar pictured above), and will have a bigger addition of pots next week, including stamped and Deluxe Clover cups, as well as a couple batter bowls (pictured in process below).

Shop New Work Online
Thurs, Dec 1st at 1 PM EST – Fri, Dec 16th at Noon*
KiefferCeramics on Etsy

I’m always working on something new with form and/or pattern, and try to keep my shop open year-round for your shopping and gifting needs. Everything is ready to ship and generally goes out within 1-3 business days. I also accept Etsy gift cards, so that’s a great way to suggest or give my work as well.

Wishing you and yours a warm and peaceful Thanksgiving. And as always, thank you for supporting elegant and handmade from my studio. ~KK

*Important note: Last day to purchase for Xmas Delivery is Noon, Dec 16th! My shop will remain open into the New Year, but no shipments will go out Dec 17-21.

Kristen Kieffer in process, super stripe Deluxe Clover cups  Kristen Kieffer in process Batter bowls

Holiday Studio Sale

Kieffer Ceramics Studio, Holiday Sale

I’m excited to invite my fellow New Englanders to swing by my studio for some good deals before the snow begins to fall here in north central Massachusetts. It’s a perfect opportunity to check out my studio and my hubby’s new and in-progress wood shop, and shop firsts for holiday gifts, as well as some rather wonderful ‘aesthetic’ and ‘minorly flawed’ seconds to save for yourself.

Kieffer Ceramics Studio Sale
Sat, Nov 5th  10 – 5 &
Sun, Nov 6th *11 – 4
*Don’t forget to “fall back” an hour!

We are just a couple miles from a local cheese shop and chocolatier, and about an hour or less each from Framingham, Northampton, and Worcester, MA as well as, Keene, NH and Brattleboro, VT. Visit my Events Page to read about the full details, including address, payment options, parking, and accessibility, or drop me an email if you have questions,

Thank you for supporting creativity and community
by buying and giving handmade.


#KiefferCeramics by ramsaystudio  #KiefferCeramics by erincarpenterpottery

I make pots for use, so seeing my pots in the hands and homes of their owners is very rewarding. I recently created albums on both Instagram and Facebook to collect images customers and I have taken of my pots in use, like those pictured here.

For decades, catalog companies and home decor magazines have filled their pages with objects in the context of the home to illustrate how those objects would fit into customers’ lives. As a maker of decorated pots, which some don’t readily perceive as functional, sharing in use images highlighting my pottery’s actual craftsmanship and durability is both essential and enlightening. Ornately elegant for everyday!

If you own and enjoy my work, I’d love for you to participate in sharing those pots in use. On Instagram, tag me with @KiefferCeramics and your image with the hashtag #KiefferCeramics. On Facebook, tag Kristen Kieffer Ceramics in your image. You can also post an image to my online shop when you leave a review for me on Etsy. If you’re not on social media, no worries! Just email me at KiefferCeramics[at] with images you’d like to share. (Note the spelling of my names is both tricky and important!)

#KiefferCeramics by KiefferCeramics  #KiefferCeramics by paigekatharineceramics#KiefferCeramics by janicejakielski  #KiefferCeramics by kirsti_smith_ceramics#KiefferCeramics by megangulland  #KiefferCeramics by margiesearl#KiefferCeramics by jabetta1  #KiefferCeramics by KiefferCeramics 2#KiefferCeramics by Deana  #KiefferCeramics by arthurhalvorsen

Fellow studio potter Ayumi Horie began to collect and share her pots in use in 2005, and started the viral Instagram account Pots In Action (for which I’ve had the pleasure to guest host twice) popularizing the love of sharing handmade pots through great images. Ayumi even wrote an article for Design*Sponge providing a photography primer with tips on taking better pix. Big thanks to Ayumi for bringing action shots to the pottery community! I think I’ve become a better ‘visualizer’ through her efforts and support.

Another big thanks to all those who have already shared images! I cannot convey the delight this brings to me, thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

FB Guide: SEE What You LIKE

I admit it. I am slightly addicted to Facebook. And that’s just personally; I’m highly addicted professionally. Indeed I joined Facebook to create my Professional page (now over 3000 fans!), but as a self-employed artist working from home, I have been truly delighted to reconnect with old friends, follow peers’ careers, and keep up with politics, technology, arts, and fun through all the pages I like.  Until this past summer that is. *Dun, Dun, Duuuuuun!*

The messages and articles (two good ones here and here) about Facebook’s new ‘bait n’ switch’ visibility policy are now making their way around the interwebs, as well as on Facebook itself (which you’ll understand is ironic in a minute). Basically, as fans of pages, we are only seeing some (possibly none) of the posts of the people, businesses, artists, and more that we clicked “Like” to follow. As someone who is trying to post content for fans, I am only reaching about 15% of the 3000 folks who like my page. In summary, now that FB has shareholders they need to ramp up their income, so in an unannounced move as far back as May, they began to limit what we all see in our newsfeeds in an effort to push pages to ‘pay to promote’ their content. To be even more clear: you can’t always see what you want to see on Facebook, and I and other people who post content can’t always show you what you want to see on FB…but there’s a fix.

For the pages you like and want to keep up with on Facebook, you can create Interest Lists. It takes maybe a minute, so it’s fast and you’ll be able to check in EASILY on all the content for your favorite pages, and even friends. I did this about three months ago when I noticed I wasn’t seeing all, or any, content from the pages I enjoy, and can now just easily click my interest lists to review and don’t miss anything. Here’s how to create yours:


Go to a FB page like Kieffer Ceramics, and click the ‘gear’ icon in the upper right, which pulls down an option menu, then click ‘Add to Interest Lists’ (image 1). Next, click ‘+New List’ (image 2). If you’ve already created a list(s), they’ll be filed here for you to easily add to.


The page you want to add to your new list will be highlighted with a check mark, then click ‘Next’ (image 3). Now you can name your list (I chose ‘Fave Pages’) and decide who can see your lists (I chose ‘Only Me’) (image 4). And you’re done!


So now you can go through and do this with all your favorite pages and friends who’s posts you don’t want to miss. You will find your Interest Lists as you’ve named them at the top left of your FB newsfeed home page under ‘Interests’ (image 5). As you get more savvy, you can move, re-name, and add to your lists (image 6 are all categories of interests lists I’ve created which house pages and friends I love).

I’m sharing this guide and info as both a FB page ‘poster’ and page ‘liker.’ I want to SEE posts for the pages I ‘like,’ as well as have folks who LIKE my page see what I post. I understand (though don’t agree) with FB’s reasoning to “cause a problem and then market the fix.” But since most people are unaware of the change, they are also unaware they are missing content they wanted to see by liking a page in the first place! I hope this helps and that you will share this info with your friends and fans…and because FB limits what’s seen, it’s helpful to post elsewhere than just FB (the irony I mentioned earlier), like Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, etc.

FB has become my and many artists’ primary point of contact with our fan base to announce new work, events, promotions, plus fun news, so I hope you will create your Lists as a way to continue your much-appreciated support and to follow what you enjoy.

Studio Cycles Pictorial 2011


I’m certainly in no rush for 2011 to end, though as the holidays approach and attentions (mine) get divided, now seems as good a time as any to post some of my studio and in-progress shots for the year. Ceramics is very much *make, fire, glaze, fire, repeat,* so these images aren’t in order, but rather the repetition is the order. Most all these pictures I’ve shared throughout 2011 on my Facebook Ceramics page (my favored place to post a quick pic, musing or update in between blog posts), but seeing them all in one place is a reminder of my productivity and progress over the last eleven months. 2012, I’m ready for more!



Batter bowl light and shadow