This past week I decided to start a new Instagram feed to share wonderful examples of past and present pottery that aren’t, well, actually pottery: @nonclaypots. It’s based on a board I started years ago on Pinterest with the same title because one of my main influences as a potter since my beginnings as a maker are vessels from various cultures and time periods that aren’t ceramic. While I love ceramic history and contemporary pottery, most of my influences are elsewhere. Additionally, I like the idea of infusing Instagram with a little inspiration apart from the pottery of others.

I frequently bookmark, share, and pin pots in other media and materials, even pots that aren’t really pots (furniture, topiary, architecture, for example), so thought I’d collect some of those influences in one spot to share for passive perusal. Plus I hope it will be a useful resource for fellow makers and instructors. I’m always recommending to students to not only look beyond contemporary ceramics for influence, but find inspiration outside of ceramics all together for cues on form, pattern, color, utility, etc.

This new feed also fulfills my love of research and documentation. I tend to round up pix and info already, so sharing it feels like the completion of an education circle.

So, I hope you’ll check out @nonclaypots! There’s not much there yet, and I don’t plan to post even daily, but am looking forward to sharing. Perhaps in the future I’ll even have guest “curators.”

I also wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out and recommendation of other new Instagram feeds begun by some awesome and noble fellow potters to follow: Carole Epp’s @potteryispolitical; Roberto Lugo’s @our_villages_baby; and Ben Carter’s @historyofceramics.