Ceramics Monthly 2013 Poster

CM Poster 2013
Ceramics Monthly produces an annual poster with images curated from the last year’s issues to give away at NCECA. It was fun to walk up to the CM table at the conference in Houston and see my vases on this year’s poster from my cover and spread in the September issue. Fellow 2013 poster potters include Bryan Hopkins, Lilly Zuckerman, Jason Burnett, Peter Pincus, Tara Wilson, Angela Cunningham, Lars Westby, Shawn Spangler, John Neely, Val Cushing, Marc Digeros, Matthew McGovern, Lisa Naples, Mark Knott, Christopher Melia, Brett Freund, and Lauren Karle. In great company indeed! Thanks to CM for choosing my work, and Lauren for the 2012 article!

Kristen Kieffer Stamped vase groupingNew Stamped Vase grouping

2 thoughts on “Ceramics Monthly 2013 Poster

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I have the CM poster on my studio wall after attending NCECA..beautiful.

    So enjoyed your inspiring demos at the conference. There was a lot packed into two days, only viewed you working on Friday. It was so interesting to see you use the rasp on your lid, always learn many new things each year.

    I am waiting for the Potter’s Council poster with the Zoller Pottery piece on it…they didn’t get them printed in time for the conference, very big bummer.

    Your work and way of doing business is inspiring….thanks for sharing.

    By Best, Nancy Zoller

    Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 12:13:20 +0000 To: nancyzollerpottery@msn.com

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