Studio Visit

 Bring some handmade elegance
home for the holidays!

Fall / Holiday Studio Sale
Saturday, November 3rd 10 – 5
 Sunday, November 4th *11 – 4
* Don’t forget to *fall back*
for Daylight Savings!

My show and sale includes gallery-quality pottery as well as “aesthetic” and “minorly flawed” seconds. Early birds claim the best finds, so arrive early and bring friends!

Cash preferred or checks ONLY.

It doesn’t get much better than visiting an artist in their creative space to buy something you love (to look at and use), which in turn shows support for the artist, your community, and handmade. I open up my studio and our home twice a year (early November and mid-May) for my modest studio sales. I’m always so appreciative that dedicated folks make the effort to visit, peruse the shelves, and find a couple prizes for themselves, family, or friends before heading out to the cheese shop down the road. It’s a lovely exchange.

The beautiful yellows and golds that were still on the trees Sunday, are now on the ground from Storm Sandy, but it’s still a pretty drive our way. We are located in Templeton, MA, about an hour from Framingham, Northampton, and Worcester, MA as well as, Keene, NH and Brattleboro, VT. Nothing in New England is terribly far away.

Sale info is also available on my Facebook events page, and you can drop me an email if you have questions, We’d love to see you!

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