Fabulous Fan Mail

Artists can never hear enough that their work has connected with a customer. We can also never be thankful enough for our customers’ support and their taking the time to share the connection. I’m always very appreciative and thankful for every email accolade, Facebook fan comment, and face-to-face flattery that comes my way.  The email below I received recently is so particularly heart-warming, I just had to share it and my response.

Dear Kristen,
I am so happy that I [stopped into Lillstreet Gallery for the first time on Friday after living nearby for years] because my attention was immediately drawn to a wall of coffee mugs. Now, I just adore coffee mugs and have several, but I have never seen one so beautiful as the one right in the center of them all. This was, of course, a piece created by you. It was light blue with what appear to be pearls throughout. I was so surprised that something to be used daily could be so fantastic and special. I have never spent $60(ish) on a coffee mug, but after considering for a few minutes, I absolutely could not imagine leaving the store without it. Your attention to detail and balance is so extraordinary. I even noticed this morning, what appears to be a “pearl” in the bottom of the cup. The fact that this detail exists in your creation says to me that you that you celebrate not only your work, but the person who purchases your items.
I am sure that you hear this often, but even still, I want to thank you for doing what you do. Looking at this piece of art (because I cannot call it just a coffee mug), actually brings a smile to my face. Not only because of its beauty, but because I can easily imagine how much time, care, and passion went into its creation.
Sincerely, L. N.

Dear L.,

Wow!  I can’t thank you enough, not only for purchasing my cup and contacting me, but for taking the time to write such a lovely and thoroughly eloquent message.  You touched on about every goal and hope for me as a maker to connect with a user of my work.  Your observations could be my artist statement.

I do hear kind words about my work, but as someone who works in a fairly isolated home studio (often not knowing if I’m making connections with folks ‘out there’), having a customer reach out to express such appreciation with such exuberance is rare and absolutely delightful.

Thank you for reciprocating your own smile be giving me one to carry back to my studio as I make more pots for loving homes like yours…bringing some beauty to everyday.

Sincerely, Kristen

Thank you again, L. in Chicago! For the note, and for bringing some handmade elegance into your home from my studio.