Retro Month, In Progress

This last month has been about allowing (maybe giving) myself time to play. YAY! It’s a rare thing for me because of deadlines and requests; my inherently deliberate pace (‘fast’ and ‘detailed’ are mutually exclusive it seems); and currently, perennials are calling to me like Sirens to abandon my studio and toil away my afternoons with them. I chose to play by re-visiting forms from the past, so it has been Retro Month for me here in the studio. Perhaps I felt a bit guilty for sidelining other responsibilities, or I’m just a masochist, but I apparently chose to re-visit some of the most complicated forms I’ve ever made. Go figure.

The first things I made were six Corset vessels (above). This is a form that is the most distinctive in my reperatoire I think, but is actually not a form I make often. In fact, I haven’t made the size pictured (+/- 9″ h) since 2005 when I was still firing cone 10 soda. For some reason when I moved to mid-range electric-firing in ’06, I scaled them up to 15-18″ and made only a couple every so often. So, it was fun to work on a smaller scale with patterns and polka dots I’ve developed in the last years. Indeed, a big part of the point of Retro Month was to bring my new palette (color and pattern) and accumulated experience to familiar, loved forms.

Next, I made Double-walled Baskets (only three; the one pictured above is my fave). I made these the latter part of graduate school at Ohio University over 10 years ago. I LOVE this form—pouffy walls, upholstered-looking surface, voluminous shape, elegant yet jovial attitude—but it is truly a technical nightmare, basically everything that clay doesn’t like or want to do, particularly in porcelain. While this image was the most “liked” pic I’ve ever posted on Facebook, and part of my style has always been to partially ignore the personality of clay, these lovelies may not be coming to an online shop of mine near you soon. They may have mostly served as a wistful reminder of why I stopped making them last time. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath as much as they appear to be.

Lastly, I made sets of Screen vases, which haven’t happened for a handful of years for no particular reason, not since my stripy/dotty phase began anyway. I love how these zig zag together in pairs and trios, pattern flowing from one to the other. These were supposed to be the less laborious end to my month…which made my hubby laugh (with love, of course).

9 thoughts on “Retro Month, In Progress

  1. The double walled baskets are wonderful and I can see that they present problems making them .

  2. Love that basket, but I can see how it would have you pulling your hair out to make it…..hope you will post a photo when it’s finished.

    I think there is a corollary to Murphy’s Law that states that whatever we think will be simple and quick will always turn out to be the most complicated and time consuming!

  3. Parabéns pelo trabalho sempre maravilhoso, sempre que vejo preciso dizer o quanto é belo. Sou ceramista a mais de 10 anos e não canso de olhar as suas peças . Seria muito bom se um dia você viesse ao Brasil. Aqui você encontraria muitas pessoas interessadas no seu trabalho e em conhecer a sua técnica. Um grande abraço. Simone Campos

  4. Thanks so much, everyone! Simone, I would love to come to Brazil someday. It is such a wonderful thing that the internet and my DVD allows those of us from so far to be so close. I appreciate your note so much. Hugs back to you!

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