Catalog Stylin’

I’m delighted to share that one of my small stamped bowls (in Garnet) was chosen by a stylist for a photo shoot in Room and Board‘s 2012 catalog. It’s wonderful that companies like Room & Board and West Elm are using handmade objects in their styled environments, helping to illustrate that the arts and craft are important to making a home homey! My bowl is a small addition to the setting (though still distinctive I think), but it’s also in proximity to a KleinReid bud vase, so the honor of being included in the catalog is double for me. Thank you to the gallery folks at Northern Clay Center for both the news and connection.

3 thoughts on “Catalog Stylin’

  1. Congratulations! Very cool.

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but who arranged these objects for the photo shoot? Were they color blind? Your pottery would have been better promoted by placing it with a different color sofa or moving it to a different place on the dark table to set it’s beautiful color! It would have also saved you the time you took to insert an arrow on the image.

    Shame on them!

    I’m aware that these relationships are fragile. We all want more exposure through these channels, but this seemingly random styling of objects doesn’t highlight the color or the shape of your beautiful pottery.

    I should bite my tongue instead of the hand that feeds because we should all be so lucky to get exposure in any way in the wider consumer culture. Please accept my apologies for my taking this good news to harp on with petty criticisms.

  2. Thanks for the congrats, guys.
    To Joe, KleinReid are studio artists who also have production lines, and do sell them in their stores. I think my heart would stop if R & B suddenly wanted my work to sell. Since it’s just little old me working, and I’m not highly prolific, I’m happy and honored to just be “included” right now.
    To Michael, Yeah, I didn’t see my piece right away either, but they’re selling the couch not my bowl. Just swapping my piece with the KleinReid’s bud vase (dk blue on a black table), would highlight both pieces better…but again, that’s not their point. I’m happy to see the good in the effort, both of using my work and handmade in general in their styling. :-)

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