Pottery Invitational

The Pottery Invitational Show & Sale at the Worcester Center for Crafts (where I have coincidentally been teaching adult classes since 2001!) is April 27th – 29th! I’m so pleased to be a part of this great two and a half day exhibition and sale that was curated by fellow potters Hayne Bayless and Hannah Niswonger. The show comprises a fantastic group of twenty-two studio potters from New England who will be standing side-by-side with their work for the weekend, making this an exceptional event! Visit the link to read all about events within the event, details, and times here. Artists include Kirsten Bassion, Maya Machin, Hayne Bayless, Michael McCarthy, Dan Bellow, Hannah Niswonger, Dwo Wen Chen, Tom O’Malley, Marty Fielding, Rob Sieminski, Naoko Gomi, Brian Taylor, Louise Harter, Kate Doody, Robbie Heidinger, Sam Taylor, Diana Thomas, Jim Lawton, Tom White, Jeffrey Lipton, Adero Willard, and myself. It’s a must attend event for my fellow New Englanders!