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interest. I’m on it, and either you are too, or I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it. Technically it is yet another ‘thing’ to do online, but it’s different (really!), and I’m completely addicted and want you to be too. Actually, it’s perfect if you’re someone like me who frequently bookmarks images into folders to your browser, which you can only see if each one is opened. So! Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. A place for you to ‘pin’ what ‘interests’ you, thus ‘Pinterest.’ You have your own page where you can have as many pinboards as you’d like on which to pin images you find on the web, repin favorite images others have pinned, and upload your own new images in whatever way strikes your fancy.

I use Pinterest primarily to bookmark influences for inspiration, organize images for future blog posts and Power Point presentations, and minimally to dream about home renovation ideas and fashion purchases (which also inspire pots). Plus, I’m an image lover. Who doesn’t like pretty pictures of fabulous objects?

I’ve been ‘pinning,’ as they call it, for about six months and seem to have accumulated 20 separate pinboards of interests with over 900 images, including Form & Pattern, Color, Couture, Oldies but Goodies, Interiors & Objects, Props to Props, as well as three different ceramics boards (vintage/historical, studio, and industrial design).

So, you can learn more about Pinterest from the NY Times, request an invitation from Pinterest, and follow my pinboards. Below are some recent favorite pix, one each from most of my pinboards. Feel free to pin images from my website and online shops to your boards! Happy Pinning!


5 thoughts on “Interest in Pinterest

  1. thank you kindly…I too love pinterest…but not as much as I love your work. I so want to come to one of your workshops…although just an intermediate potter, I attended the handbuilding workshop in February in San Diego….so very inspiring and awesome!!!! please keep me posted of your upcoming workshops…perhaps my dream will come true!

  2. Man am I addicted to Pinterest! I like that it seems to have been embraced by a lot of other potters, too. I could spend hours browsing all the lovely ceramics to be found on the site! It was even featured in Ceramic Arts Daily a while back. Normally I feel a little guilty hopping onto the next social media trend, but Pinterest is just something completely different, and useful too.

  3. I’ve heard all the buzz about it, will check it out, thanks. The format must be addicting to you since you always put the most amazing inspirational groups of photos together here on your blog.

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