Elegant Excellence in Stock


I have some lovely new pots posted in my online shop and gallery store for the holiday season. I can’t compete with the big-box stores’ price cuts enabled by mark-ups or the online discounters’ free shipping deals with their bulk accounts, nor do I think you expect me to or actually consider those my competition. I can offer you handmade porcelain pots intended to bring a little elegance with a touch of merriment to your everyday. I do offer high quality ware and solid crafts[wo]manship. And I will send you a handwritten note of appreciation on one of my postcards when you do buy from me online, now for Cyber Monday and any day after. Everyday luxury and excellence year-round is what I have in stock. Thank you for perusing handmade and independent. XO KK

7 thoughts on “Elegant Excellence in Stock

  1. I love love love this post! Still enjoying my covered jar that sits prominently on my mantle. (You shipped it to my DH in Guam for my birthday) Thanks for putting such beautiful work and words out to the universe!

    I just started my own blog today – and gave a nod to your website and creativity!

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