“Impeccable” Feature

I woke up this super snowy Mass morning to a very flattering email (“Your work sorta floored all of us here around the BC office. We just had to post it. Amazing“) that included a link to this lovely blog post feature by the folks at Big Cartel, my new online gallery store venue. Click here to read their blog comments, and see the mini slide show of images they chose from my store. Check out my new Gallery store here.
Thank you, Big Cartel!

3 thoughts on ““Impeccable” Feature

  1. That’s great Kristen! You’re gallery store looks wonderful. I like how you have divided the online shops, having your larger pieces in one and the smaller at Etsy. I have an Etsy shop, but I’ll have to look into this, too. I guess exposure in more online shops/galleries is helpful. I also like how you did the images with props in your last post, these are great tips, thanks!

  2. Your new shop looks great thanks for the info I’ve been looking into other venues for my larger sculptural work I’ll check it out.

    Great post about props too. thanks.

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