The coconut confection, festive pics and kind words by fellow artist Janice Jakielski in her current blog post here could not be more timely! I began my last glaze-fire for 2010 on New Year’s Eve, which consequently became my first glaze-fire for 2011. The kiln-load of 62 consisted solely of cups and cake stands (and one ring-holder, but that’s a different story). I met Janice when I was the guest artist at Ayumi Horie‘s studio sale in October, and was thrilled when she had to have one of the first in my series of striped cake stands.  As I am about to shoot pics of the 12 newly unloaded *New Year* cake and cupcake stands (sans such a spectacular topper!), Janice’s post is the perfect teaser. A big thank you to her, and make sure to check out Janice’s beautiful and thoughtful work when you visit her site. Stay tuned for stands to come!

PS: Pics of you enjoying your Kieffer pots are always a welcome treat!

4 thoughts on “STYLIN’ Stand

  1. Hi Kristen….love the cake stand. The pic on the right has a sculptural feeling to it….great publicity photo!

    Joy and Happiness and LOTS OF POTS in the New Year.!

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed the pics as much as I did! Sometimes the best photos come from fans, and in-use pics are great fun. (Ayumi, you know that well!) Janice told me when she bought the stand that she’d use it and send a pic. I’m so glad she’s both using the stand and shared such great styling! I secretly hope I get pictures every time she continues to use it. How fun to see different cakes on the same stand. Hopefully future cake stand purchasers will join in the fun. :-)

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