Full Reveal


As promised in my last post (before NCECA), here are some new pots that I’m most excited about, ranging from small covered jars and house forms to quite tall (for me) jars and flower bricks, many using underglaze color for details like stripes and dots.


From top right, first row: Large covered jar w. Blue stripes & Allium (16″h) and Large pear covered jar w. Polka dots, Moonlit (15″h);  Second row: Tall flower vessel w. Lilacs (Corset series) (14″h) and Tall flower brick w. Stripes (17″h);  Third row: Medium plate w. Tangerine stripes (8″ dia.);  Fourth row: Small house from flower bricks (each approx. 5-6″h);  Fifth row: Small covered jar w. Red ribbon stripes (8″h) and Stamped vase (10″h);  Sixth row: Tall flower brick w. Blue stripes (18″h) and Small covered jar w. Polka dots (8″h).

4 thoughts on “Full Reveal

  1. WOW Kristen! These are amazing! I really DO love the tasteful introduction of those little splashes of color. The forms, the surfaces, the artistry and the craftsmanship are all at such an incredibly sophisticated level that I am truly in awe. I am so glad you are the artist that you are, and that you have chosen to make pots. You really are an inspiration. Thanks for bringing such beauty into the world!

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