Deco DVD is Here!

It’s here, and ready if you are!

As some of you know, in late spring of ‘09 I spent about five days demonstrating in my studio for my first how-to/instructional DVD for ceramics (pottery and sculpture), Surface Decoration: Suede to Leatherhard.

I believe this to be a high quality video with fun and informative techniques.  Indeed many on my emailing list had the chance to purchase first, and have left some glowing comments (below).  I thank all of you for your patience, interest and strong support for this project.  And without further ado, the link to both see the trailer (if you have not seen it here yet) and to purchase my new video is here!  Enjoy!

Fan Comments:
Received my DVD. Patiently (not) waited for my family to go to bed and stayed up til 12:50 watching. It was like eating really exquisite chocolate, and I can do it over and over. Thank you so much. ~ L. W.

Thank you so much, there is no doubt I’ll use some of your shared techniques and advices in my works. Very particular, full and interesting information. Once again – thank you :) ~ L. B. in Lithuania

Got my DVD today and I must say its wonderful. Its like sitting next to you and having a private tutor. But being able to rewind to any part and relive it again. Great video. Worth every cent. ~ T. vD.

I just finished watching your DVD ~ LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. It’s extra special that you did this project with your father :) ~ K. C.

Wow I received my DVD this afternoon!!!  I have watched it through and am so inspired to try all of the techniques out.  I am new to pottery and have admired your work on line for some time, have tried to make stamps, but was carving them in clay, not very successful.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.  Thank you sooooooo much for making this great dvd,  I look forward to the next one you make. ~ S. A.

About. This DVD includes techniques I use and some I enjoy but don’t currently incorporate in my own work. All are “suede” to leatherhard decoration techniques mostly using slip, including stamp-making and stamping, slip-trailing, sponging, paper resist, water-etching, sgraffito, mishima, carving and sprigging. Eleven techniques are covered.  My goal is to show techniques with which you may not be familiar, offer a new take on the traditional and generally excite interest in the potential of the ceramic surface.

P. S. I strongly feel that in-person instruction is best, and a video by anyone is no substitution for classroom interaction, workshop question-and-answer or one-on-one discussion. I know not everyone is able to take a workshop or class, and I realize that many of those who are able to attend one of my workshops may like a video to review some learned techniques.  I hope to see you at a workshop sometime in the future.  This DVD is just a taste!

Click here>>> Link to buy DVD <<< to purchase.

7 thoughts on “Deco DVD is Here!

    • Hi Judith, Very sorry it wasn’t clear, and perhaps for others as well. There are two places in the text where I say the DVD is “here” and the word “here” (in orange) is a link you can roll your cursor over to click to the website where the DVD can be purchased. Because of your note, I added another line at the end of this post (and on the DVD page) with explicit text on where to click for the link. Thanks for pointing out the difficulty! I appreciate your interest.
      Best, Kristen

  1. Hi Kristen, I have reeeely enjoyed the little ‘teaser’ videos. Unfortunately I won’t be able to buy until April or May. Do You take copies with you when you do workshops, or are all orders done on line? Thanks, s.

    • Hi SmartCat,
      Thanks for your interest! I will definitely be taking DVDs to sell at workshops. (I see them as a nice supplement to my teaching in person.) They will be in stock and available to purchase online when you are ready too.
      Best, Kristen

  2. Kristen!

    I have been a fan of yours for about 10+ years! I am so glad you made this DVD. I’ve been carrying around that Ceramics Monthly article for way too long. I just got it and will wait patiently for it to be mailed to me.


    P.S. I use your mugs and water cups every day!

  3. Hi Catherine! Aww, thanks so much for your long-time interest and support! I hope you’ll enjoy the DVD and appreciate your interest. One of the best compliments I could receive is that you’re using your pieces. Thanks so much. Best, Kristen

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