Coming Soon to a DVD Player Near You!

This trailer is a sneak preview of my soon to be released DVD Surface Decoration: Suede to Leatherhard with teasing glimpses of all eleven chapters. Watch the clip and then read more about all the excitement on the DVD page.

16 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a DVD Player Near You!

  1. hey thanks Kristen, it’s so nice to watch a video that is current and so clearly explained, love the close up work! after all we’re looking for the detail..yes!

  2. So great!
    Just like the Greenwich House workshop… well.. it’s better live…but I may just have to buy the recorded version as well…definitely…

  3. just one word – WHEN???

    seriously, your work is stunning and your workshops are a joy to attend – filled with so much inspiration and generosity of spirit. i can’t wait to buy this dvd!

  4. Thank you all so very much for the positive reinforcement, support and excitement! I have stopped trying to project the “when” and will just let you know when it’s a “NOW”…which will be very “soon”. Best wishes, Kristen

  5. Can’t wait~really looking forward to your video. Maybe taking your workshop in Worcester. Your work is so beautiful.Polly

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