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Serving Pieces:
Nesting Serving Dishes (Snowflakes w. blue stripes & an Autumnal set w. leaves), Oval Server w. blue stripes, Square Servers (Blackberry floral w. brown stripe & Light blue w. blue stripes) and Medium Bowl w. Matryoshka doll stamp.

Another grouping of new pots!  The smaller nesting dishes are a brand new form (based on a customer request for a smaller version of my Square Server, 1 1/2″h x 8”w/d).  The small (2″h x 5 1/2″w/d) and medium (2 1/4″h x 7″w/d) “nesters” are a little more bowl-like, perfect for serving (or ice cream).  The oval server (4″h x 17″l x 7″d) is actually not new, but has not been photographed before or sent outside of MA, so it may be new to you!  It’s a form I enjoy and imagine for bread or fruit, but don’t make often for some reason. It and all the square serving pieces are made over drape molds I designed and made, allowing each form to be individually altered and decorated.

The subtle and not-so-subtle striping is a new foray into pattern and layering I was excited to incorporate into many of these serving pieces (as well as a jar below, in the last post). Lastly is the bowl with the Matryoshka doll stamp.  She is actually not a new stamp, but one I had only used a couple times and not on a bowl.  The real nesting doll set in the picture is mine from childhood, and the basis for my stamp design.  I will be posting several of the pieces above to my Online Store soon.  (The Autumn nesting set already sold to a Facebook Fan.  I post short notes there more often about updates to my store, studio and schedule, and she was my 100th Etsy customer and received a special prize with her purchase!)

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