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Kristen Kieffer Flower VesselsKristen Kieffer House Form VasesKKHouse_form_sm_honey Kristen KIeffer Large Covered Jars KKWire_basket_grape KKHouseForm_SmLime_wflowersKristen Kieffer Stamped vasesKristen Kieffer Wire Baskets

Large “Classic” Covered Jars and flower vessels:
House Forms, Stamped Vases and Wire-handled Baskets.

These are new pots fresh from the kiln, as well as brand new forms in shape, design or decoration.  I just unloaded these (more pics and details on the New: Form & Surface page) and many more from three kilns in the last week.  There are more new pots and I will post once I take their pictures too.

9 thoughts on “NEW New Work

  1. kristen, absolutely beautiful pots first of all and i especially love the darker of the blue glazes (maybe it’s just on there thicker?) and absolutely beautiful photos. this hits me where it hurts because i’m getting ready to tackle the photography again this week and hopefully i’ll figure out this lighting thing a bit better. looking forward to more pictures.

  2. kristen, these are beautiful. i wanted you to know that you have really been an encouragement to me with the blog thing, just started my blog on my website and loving having combined the two together (inspired by you and your thorough walk through your website post). just thought you should know that you’ve helped me out with that.
    love the flower bricks with the side holes, very aesthetically pleasing.

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