Workshop Images

I’ve been traveling a bit for the last couple weeks teaching workshops and am off again next week to OH and then NH.  I thought I would post some images and a link to more (below).  The last two workshops (MI and PA) each had a participant in the audience who also happened to be a professional photographer.

kristen_kieffer kk_kkand_audience kk_pitcheri
kk_dart kk_cup_demo kk_corset_dart kk_covered_jar kk_cosetii

Thank you to Dave Thomas (visit link here to see more images from the MCCC workshop) and Mike Kuhn!

6 thoughts on “Workshop Images

  1. Hopefully I’ll catch one of your workshops. I was planning on Wooster, but an art fair came up.

    Nice images.

  2. I followed the link and looked through them all. Wow. The photo’s alone are very educational, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be there. I think my brain would have exploded with information overload! Thank you so much, to both you and Dave.

  3. great images kristen… great shots of the stamping and sliptrailing, i wish i could go in person but those photos are very informative

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