Fresh From the Kiln: Blocks and Pots

All three alphabet blocks finished and glazed.  (In progress post here.)  I love ’em.
This is the only word these three can spell.  A next series will purposefully blend imagery with the letters to spell…something. True alphabet blocks are a learning tool for children; a minor intent for these was to do the same and familiarize the viewer with little known or at-risk animals. So, I kind of like the blend of “Oh.” or “OH?” or “OH!” in this beautiful format paired with these even more beautiful animals.

This view shows my versions of all six real animals (all birds except one): left to right, Boreal owl, Red fox, Finch (I unfortunately didn’t write down what kind), Hoopoe, Huet-huet and Bee-eater.  (You can use GoogleImages, to see photographs of the real things.)  It’s subtle, but this view also shows that three sides of each block are satin and two are glossy versions of the same color for each.
The bottom two blocks show a top view (left), and bottom view (right, signed and unglazed).
One more view.  The letter for each animal is on the opposite side of that image, following real children’s blocks.  As I wrote before, the primary goal for these was to have fun incorporating elements I enjoy (fonts, text, vintage toys, animals and decoration) into a small format of 3 1/2″.

I chose one of the four pitcher forms I “tried out” a few months ago (see this post), and made this small series with my favorite. Each between 7-8″h.

kk_script_jar_ii kristen_kieffer_jar

Two new, large pear jars. The left is the glazed script jar in the post below. The right is a big purple mama with the lilac pattern.

13 thoughts on “Fresh From the Kiln: Blocks and Pots

  1. I LOVE the blocks. I’ve watched the process (as you’ve posted) with interest, but really, they are not only wonderfully made, they really stir an emotional response with me — a wonderfully happy response. I guess I never grew up.

  2. Those blocks turned out perfectly! They really speak back to the source material. I love the choices of animals that you used, going for specific unique animals rather than ‘cow’ or ‘dog’. Great job.

  3. wow! i really love the work. the blocks are wonderful conceptually as well as visually. The handles on the cups and pitchers send me. I’m still trying to imagine the freehand method of calligraphic slip trailing and it just blows me away.

  4. Just “found” your blog and wow! Your surfaces and colors and designs are exciting and exquisite! Love the soft/hard look of the blocks and the detail of using little known animals. I’m even happier to read that you are making a DVD about surface decoration.

  5. I LOVE the blocks even more now that they’re glazed – I just want to hold one! The new stamps are beautiful, too. And of course, the pear jar with the lovely script letters is, to me, to-die-for! ox, ox…

  6. yes…. a DVD about surface decoration? sign me up!

    I love the surfaces of your pieces…. so beautiful! please put me on the list and let me know when it’s up and available for us to all learn from!!!

  7. Love how the blocks turned out. Out of curiosity, do you happen to know how much time you might have spent making one block and how you determine the price of the pieces by that.


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