In Progress—‘Script’ Pear Jar

kk_ljar kk_ljarii

This is a large pear jar I finished last week that features some script letters as decoration ((two views, unfired). The letters are primarily flipped and reversed to fit and compliment the shape of the jar.  This is a new take on my interest in incorporating text/lettering into the surfaces: probably an appreciation of Islamic calligraphy too.

11 thoughts on “In Progress—‘Script’ Pear Jar

  1. Ha! Such a generous comment and question, Michele. I guess when we enjoy what we do and get excited about an idea, good things can happen. I see “wonderful things” others do and wonder how to find that for myself. I guess it’s all a mystery!

  2. Beautiful work. I like the way the letters are flipped, moved around to go with the flow of the form. I can see the hint of Islamic caligraphy too. I have learnt Arabic for 12 years and love the script.

  3. Thanks, Charan! It’s interesting how changing the orientation of the English alphabet in cursive can imitate another. I love letters, fonts and language. I admire that you learned another. Best, Kristen

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