How-to Poll Results: Surface #1

I’ve ended the poll I conducted to rate your interest for each of the five ideas (below) I have for a how-to dvd series, so thought I’d let you know how the tallies shaped up.  The poll numbers ranked in the order I would have imagined, verifying Surface Decoration as first.

kk_surface_deco_ii kk_surface_deco_iii
kk_surface_deco_i kk_surface_deco_v

The vote totals:
127 votes (30%) for Surface deco
97 votes (24%) for Altering
82 votes (20%) for Advanced Techniques
37 votes (10%) for All five in the series
35 votes (9%) for Intermediate wheel-throwing techniques
19 votes (5%) for Basic beginner wheel-throwing techniques

So, like Star Wars, I will be starting with #3 instead of #1!  After that, I believe I will truly need to begin at the beginning with the basics and progress to each next section in sequence to keep things straight for both of us.  I have scheduled the Surface shoot for the beginning of May. It will include about a dozen different techniques including stamp-making and stamping, slip-trailing, sponging, paper resist and water-etching.  I hope to show techniques with which you may not be familiar, offer a new take on the traditional and generally excite interest in the potential of the ceramic surface.

Thanks again for your feedback and participation.  It’s helpful and great to see your interest!  PS: For those interested outside the States, I will have better answers about playability closer to the shoot date.  It’s a priority for me to make the dvds as “universal” as possible.

5 thoughts on “How-to Poll Results: Surface #1

  1. You have the greatest photos of your surfaces and textures, I’m looking forward to your dvds. I created my own strange surfaces today in my first ever barrel firing and am looking forward to many more. Clay and clay surfaces are so much fun.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. I am really looking forward to this DVD. All of these sound great, I would love to attend a workshop but, well, you are always on the opposite coast…Do you have a price in mind? Even just a ballpark figure?


  3. Please show the altering and surface decoration first. I attended the Wooster work shop and enjoyed seeing the process. You may want to consider a section on how you gather inspiration. The sketchbook you shared was fascinating!

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