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Kristen Kieffer workshop demonstrationI have decided to do a small series of how-to, demonstration ceramics videos beginning this spring.  Before the first “shoot,” I would like to hear what you are most interested in watching me demonstrate.  This is an exciting, new venture and a great way for me to share techniques and processes with you for years to come!

I strongly feel that in-person instruction is best, and a video by anyone is no substitution for workshop and classroom interaction, question-and-answer or one-on-one time.  I know not everyone is able to take a workshop or class, and I realize that many of those who are able to attend a workshop may like a video to review learned techniques.  So, a dvd series seems like a nice solution.

Your input in this poll and any additional comments would be helpful for the initial stages of planning.  If you would like to receive an email as the dvds become available, please drop me an email at  Below, you may pick more than one answer, choose “F” for all, and/or write in your own response.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi Linda, I’m working on an answer. I have interest from you to Brazil to Guam to Australia, and very much want to find a format or multiples that will work for you guys out of the States. Should have a definitive response before Monday. My understanding is that there are just different formats, no such thing as universal (unfortunately), but still there has to be an answer! Best wishes, Kristen

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  3. I would love to receive an email when the surface decoration DVD is available.
    I am in Australia, so compatability is an issue.

    Thank you


  4. Always in awe of your work, the things I am most curious about is how you alter thrown shapes and how you make your stamps.
    silvia from Feltre, Northern Italy

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