These are brand NEW forms and ideas unloaded from the glaze kiln last week, and shot yesterday (by me…in my kitchen) to share with you.

Once I’m set up, I enjoy photographing (or, “digitizing”) my work. I like playing with close-ups and positioning, trying to stage the piece(s) in the most dynamic and informative way (like the red b-form pair above). Below are some detail shots from yesterdays photo shoot:

Screen vase set (squished together), top image: front-sides, bottom: back-sides


left: Flower vessel; Right: Garter box


left: Flower vessel; right: Pear covered jar

So, many of these new images will be sprinkled around this site.

And in other Kieffer Ceramics news… My studio is in a minor upheaval as we add on a small addition to give us more space, heat and windows down there. Today’s activity involved a couple of great guys cutting a 6′ x 7′ opening into the foundation wall where my work table once stood (pictured below with our beautiful front yard). As they say from my husband’s hometown of Woonsocket, RI: “There it is. Gone.”

6 thoughts on “New(s)

  1. Kristen,
    That Blue Garter box is amazeing. I can’t get over all the detail in your work. Its looks like you spend hours on one piece.
    Good luck with your addition. Jen

  2. Kristen, your new work just out of the kiln is gorgeous, especially the wire top form! Your attention to detail and negative space is wonderful.

    Happy for you that you went to Watershed the time must have been great.


  3. Your new work looks awesome! I especially like the first piece in the upper left hand corner.

    You do have a knack for photographing your work. It’s a task that I don’t enjoy so much myself.

    Good luck with the studio remodel too!

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