Eye Candy: New Images

Kristen Kieffer stamped cups color III
Stamped cup grouping, represents my nine lusciously satin glaze colors

For most of the last two days, I have been shooting images of new work and inserting them throughout this site. The images will also be used for various publicity purposes in the future. Making and taking the time to keep up-to-date with work documentation feels like a side-track to making the work sometimes, but is very much a necessary part of the job (artist/publicist!). Once I do make the time, I actually enjoy “framing” my ceramics. (I’m significantly less fond of the understanding required for color correction and digital light metering, however.) Have a look through the other site pages for what’s new. There are additions and subtractions on most of the pages.
Kristen Kieffer covered jar group
Covered jar grouping, small and mediums

Studio Sale postscript: Thanks to all who came out, brought friends and family, and supported a local artist! It was a very enjoyable and successful weekend. I very much appreciate your purchases and support. It you weren’t able to attend, I hope to see you in October (25th and 26th) for my pre-holidays sale.

5 thoughts on “Eye Candy: New Images

  1. meant to post that message in this post.
    anyways, great pics. are you using a graduated backdrop to shoot the images?
    i love how dark the background is.

  2. Kristen…found your blog and sight through Michael Kline. I really like your stuff….alot. I would love to know more details of the surface treatment processes. I don’t know if you ever trade stuff but check out my blog and let me know if you see anything you like….

  3. Sorry commenting a little late here…
    Your work is beautiful.
    You bring together form and texture masterfully.
    All the best

  4. Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much for your comment. Very flattering indeed. It’s nice to hear when a goal for your work strikes someone. Thank you and best wishes, Kristen

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