In Progress—Screen vases

Kristen Kieffer screen vases in progressI finished this grouping of Screen vases last week. This is a series I began last summer. The individual form (a flat edge bisecting an ellipse) came out of a workshop I taught about using paper templates as a basis for sketching in three-dimensions. I was working alongside the participants folding paper, and kept some of the ideas around my studio.

While comparatively spare, I enjoy both these and the Hourglass forms (also begun last summer) because they appeal to my encompassing interest in line defining form. (Finished —glazed— versions of these are on my Sculptural Vessels page.)

The name came from how one related to the next once there were multiples. As the flat sides lined up or “accordioned”, they seemed reminiscent of folding, Chinese screens.

They look particularly striking with white tulips arching out from their tops. I will have to post a picture of that once this grouping is glazed!
Kristen Kieffer screen vases (h) in progress  Chinese screen

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I am very interested in the workshop (using paper templates as a basis for sketching in three-dimensions) you mentioned teaching. Unfortunately, I’m in New Orleans. Have you written an instructional guide on the technique?

  2. Thank you, Michele. I don’t have a guide, as you mentioned, but teach workshops. If there is s venue near you that offers workshops, please pass along my website url. That is a common way for a workshop to get scheduled in your area. Best wishes, Kristen

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