New Gallery Venues and a Story

Stamped cup, honeycombI have packed up work to ship out tomorrow to one new venue, and two “old friends” that have been without my work for a stretch. I am delighted to have work back again with LillStreet Art Center in Chicago for their Wall of Cups, and with Charlie Cummings in Fort Wayne, IN for his on-line gallery.

While living in Detroit in 1996, I entered a show at 16 Hands in Ann Arbor called Container/Containment. The show was coordinated by the National Society of Arts & Letters which hosted the same show, regionally across the country. The winner for each region was then invited to participate in a next competition in St. Louis that entailed several days of gallery hopping, visits to collectors’ homes, a concert by Yo Yo Ma, and lectures by Ruth Duckworth, Robert Turner, Cynthia Bringle and David Shaner. I won First Place in my region, and went on this amazing trip where I met for the first time Sam Chung, Von Venhuizon and David Hiltner, and several other “emerging artists” who had won their regional shows. I’m pleased that 16 Hands will now be carrying my work on a regular basis.

I will post these new venues and their links on my Buy page, and the work should be on view very soon.

PS: For those inquiring about the mysterious whereabouts of the bunny yunomi I shipped out for the yunomi show…I finally received a response from AKAR that they purchased the cup for their permanent collection, so never posted it for sale for the show. Nice end to the mystery. You can always contact me if you would like to order a similar cup.