Influence—Haute couture

I am trying to get my head and hands back into the studio after a full, almost six weeks of craft shows, workshops, and travel. This is how it begins for me:  image perusal and drawing.

Dior blue dress 180  Dior blue dress

Clothing (vintage, Elizabethan to haute couture) has been an influence on my work for many years. I appreciate the theatricality, imagination, and textures of couture. They are living, life-size sculptures to me. The blue dress by Dior (above) is purposely flipped because this view changes the context. It can now be imagined as a vase, for instance. The crazy pink number (below left) is by John Galliano for Dior and references, “Joan of Arc, Siouxsie Sioux, and Botticelli”. Now that’s a great combination. I think all artists’ brains are like high-test blenders. We put in the things we love, press frappé, and something amazing is designed and created.  This second dress (stunning!) is based on “origami-style pleats,” also by Galliano for Dior.

Galliano pink dress  Galliano origami dress

Galliano lantern headdressesThe origami dress and “lantern-laden headdress” (left) were “influenced by a trip he took to Japan.” I can take from these the asymmetry, shape, color, texture, and curiosity. The final two dresses (below) are made of balloons. Texture, fantastical style, craftsmanship…enough said, I’m off to do my own brain blending.Balloon dresses

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