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Tis the season to ‘shop small,’ and I hope you will shop Kieffer Ceramics online not just because I’m a small business (of one), but because I make unique pottery that adds beauty to your life. My pots celebrate luxury for everyday with distinction.


Thank you for buying and giving quality handmade during the holidays
and in between. Shop Kieffer Ceramics online at my Pottery Shop on Etsy.

Catalog Stylin’

I’m delighted to share that one of my small stamped bowls (in Garnet) was chosen by a stylist for a photo shoot in Room and Board‘s 2012 catalog. It’s wonderful that companies like Room & Board and West Elm are using handmade objects in their styled environments, helping to illustrate that the arts and craft are important to making a home homey! My bowl is a small addition to the setting (though still distinctive I think), but it’s also in proximity to a KleinReid bud vase, so the honor of being included in the catalog is double for me. Thank you to the gallery folks at Northern Clay Center for both the news and connection.

Elegant Excellence in Stock


I have some lovely new pots posted in my online shop and gallery store for the holiday season. I can’t compete with the big-box stores’ price cuts enabled by mark-ups or the online discounters’ free shipping deals with their bulk accounts, nor do I think you expect me to or actually consider those my competition. I can offer you handmade porcelain pots intended to bring a little elegance with a touch of merriment to your everyday. I do offer high quality ware and solid crafts[wo]manship. And I will send you a handwritten note of appreciation on one of my postcards when you do buy from me online, now for Cyber Monday and any day after. Everyday luxury and excellence year-round is what I have in stock. Thank you for perusing handmade and independent. XO KK

Spring is in the House


Spring has finally sprung here in north central MA, and I hope for you too. Between the weather, little beginnings in my perennial beds and new vases and other colorful pots in my online store, I’m ready for flowers as well as your springtime shopping needs.  Thank you for thinking of my work and handmade for that upcoming wedding, graduation, birthday, or just-because-day (including Mother’s Day, May 9th) coming up in the next couple of months.

Mark your calendars for my Spring Studio Sale the weekend of May 22nd and 23rd, and visit my online Etsy shop here to buy pots.
Happy Springtime, Everyone!

More NEW New Work


Serving Pieces:
Nesting Serving Dishes (Snowflakes w. blue stripes & an Autumnal set w. leaves), Oval Server w. blue stripes, Square Servers (Blackberry floral w. brown stripe & Light blue w. blue stripes) and Medium Bowl w. Matryoshka doll stamp.

Another grouping of new pots!  The smaller nesting dishes are a brand new form (based on a customer request for a smaller version of my Square Server, 1 1/2″h x 8”w/d).  The small (2″h x 5 1/2″w/d) and medium (2 1/4″h x 7″w/d) “nesters” are a little more bowl-like, perfect for serving (or ice cream).  The oval server (4″h x 17″l x 7″d) is actually not new, but has not been photographed before or sent outside of MA, so it may be new to you!  It’s a form I enjoy and imagine for bread or fruit, but don’t make often for some reason. It and all the square serving pieces are made over drape molds I designed and made, allowing each form to be individually altered and decorated.

The subtle and not-so-subtle striping is a new foray into pattern and layering I was excited to incorporate into many of these serving pieces (as well as a jar below, in the last post). Lastly is the bowl with the Matryoshka doll stamp.  She is actually not a new stamp, but one I had only used a couple times and not on a bowl.  The real nesting doll set in the picture is mine from childhood, and the basis for my stamp design.  I will be posting several of the pieces above to my Online Store soon.  (The Autumn nesting set already sold to a Facebook Fan.  I post short notes there more often about updates to my store, studio and schedule, and she was my 100th Etsy customer and received a special prize with her purchase!)

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